Smile Savers Philosophy

At Smile Savers, you aren’t a number, a procedure or an insurance code. You’re an individual person and deserve individualized dental care.

Our mission is to help people get over their dental worries and fears so they can get the real help they need. By providing them with truly quality care, patients are able to finally resolve issues which have been haunting them for years.

At Smile Savers, we believe that a relaxed approach is the best approach. We don’t rush our patients. We feel they deserve time with the doctor and shouldn’t be viewed as “a procedure” crammed into a busy scheduling book. We do our best to remove the typical sights, sounds and smells of a dental practice and make patients feel at home.

Because of our uniquely individual approach, Smile Savers can seem a lot like “concierge” dentistry (the new trend toward exclusive, high-end dentistry). However, this isn’t the case. We’re just a throwback to an earlier time. A time when you knew your doctor and he knew you. A time when relationships mattered.

At Smile Savers, we value our patients. They’re part of our lives and we’re part of theirs. Our goal is to provide the highest level of expert care possible, using the latest technology. But, we want to remain down-to-earth and truly connected to the patients we serve. Because, for us that’s what this whole thing is about: honestly caring about others.

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