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At Smile Savers Dentistry, located outside of Ellicott City, MD  we are proud of the work we do!  We understand that coming to the dentist might not be an easy task for you. Smile Savers is dedicated to providing compassionate dental care. Check out our dentist reviews in Columbia, MD to help ease your mind when it comes to the stress & worries that may arise before scheduling your dental appointment. 
“I am incredibly impressed with all of the staff at Smile Savers Dentistry and with Dr. Stewart. I came in with two front teeth that I had chipped during a fall. The entire staff was helpful, friendly and very kind. You don't find genuine people like this very often. My teeth were repaired and I am beyond thrilled. Thank you, Dr. Stewart, for your great skill and fun personality that put me at ease. Thank you to the staff for making it obvious they like helping others.”
“I had come to Dr. Stewart because I had a missing crown and was told the only solution was an implant. Because it was right in front I had stopped smiling and after going almost a year I knew I would have to get an implant. Dr. Stewart was able to make a crown (bridge) instead of an implant and it looks beautiful and I am now ready to smile again thanks to Dr. Stewart and his excellent staff.”
“After numerous visits with other dentists, I feel like I am at home with family. One-stop dentist ‘do-all.’ The last two years have wreaked havoc on my teeth and in as little as six months, I have my beautiful smile back.”
“I feel I got real personalized care at Smile Savers. I got transparent treatment plans and diagnoses. Smile Savers helped me get back on track of my dental health and keep it. I'm glad I found a dentist I can trust.”
“Growing up I had a nightmare of an experience with a dentist. I was seven or eight and very fearful of the needle and the dentist was not patient with me. I began crying and he told me to hush up and then proceeded to stab me. Thus began my long-time fear of dentistry. I had another horrible experience at 25. Recently, I broke my tooth and cracked a temporary crown and looked up emergency dentist. I found Smile Savers Dentistry. The ad was warm and impressive and inviting. I called and they were able to take me immediately. As soon as I walked into the office I felt at ease and for a moment thought I was in the wrong place! Deanna was exceptional and Dr. Stewart felt like an old friend. He was extremely patient with me, promised to take care of me and showed no judgment. I was surprised how understanding he was of my phobia and lack of dental care. He established my immediate trust and replaced my crown, administered a root canal and made me a believer! I had a great experience and look forward to coming back and having healthier teeth. He made my experience in the dental chair seem effortless, as though I had a friend taking care of me and not a strange man in a lab coat. I will recommend anyone with dental phobia to come to Smile Savers Dentistry.”
“Dr. Stewart and his staff are fantastic. The first time I came in it was an emergency appointment. It had been a long time since I was at the dentist and my gums and teeth needed care. Dr. Stewart is very gentle and caring. I can't say enough good things about Smile Savers Dentistry!”
“Smile Savers Dentistry is a very clean office full of staff with great personalities who seem genuinely interested in their patients' personal and health well-being. Dr. Stewart seems to advocate for the patient and do what is best from both a personal and health perspective.”
“Dr. Stewart and everyone at Smile Savers Dentistry have been awesome! I'm very impressed with how attentive and knowledgeable the staff is. I used to be nervous about going to the dentist but ever since my first visit to Smile Savers, I've been totally at ease.”
“My fear of going to the dentist kept me away from the dentist for many years. When a portion of my tooth broke off, I was forced to deal with that. I happened to see Smile Savers Dentistry while looking for an emergency dental appointment. Dr. Stewart and the entire staff couldn't have been nicer and all of the office is very professional. I would recommend Dr. Stewart and everyone at Smile Savers Dentistry to anyone who is apprehensive about going to the dentist.”

Smile Savers Dentistry hopes that our dentist reviews in Columbia, MD have made a good first impression! When you choose us for your family's dental care, we know you won't be disappointed. To schedule an appointment with the best dentist in the area, contact our team today. We are happy to help you with any questions you may have. 

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