LANAP® Laser Gum Surgery vs. Traditional Gum Surgery

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  • 19 Dec, 2016
Lanap surgery for gum disease Columbia MD

Oral health is an integral part of overall wellbeing, and should not be trivialized, particularly when considering the pervasiveness of various oral conditions. In the United States, there is an alarmingly high rate of gum disease, with 80% of adults suffering from an assortment of gum diseases, with varying degree of severity. When surgery becomes the most viable treatment option for gum disease, it becomes imperative to know the facts about laser gum surgery and traditional gum surgery. Understanding the major differences between the two forms of surgeries would certainly help you make a more informed and favorable decision.

There is a plurality of traditional gum surgeries with Gingival flap surgery being one of the most commonly used in the treatment of gum disease. Gingival flap surgery involves using a scalpel to push back gum that obstructs the clear view and access to pockets. When the gums are pushed back, the dentist has unrestrained access to clean and moderate the depth of pockets, which often involves the removal of relevant tissues. As a remedial measure, bone graft augmentation is required to facilitate the regeneration of bones and tissues that have been damaged due to inflammation of the gum around the tooth called periodontitis. Traditional gum surgery is completed by sewing the gums into their original positions. Evidently, the processes involved in traditional gum surgery have a direct impact that would inevitably leave people with some level of pain, which is often mitigated with the use of anesthetic. Additionally, traditional gum surgery in some cases may engender concomitant complications such as bleeding and inflammation of gum.   

LANAP periodontal surgery is a thoroughly inclusive oral procedure that is conveniently completed with two arranged visits that lasts for a period not more than two hours.  The LANAP® periodontal procedure is certified by the FDA as an effective treatment option that facilitates regeneration with tissues and bones that have been damaged by gum disease. Laser Assisted Regeneration procedure has the distinctive advantage of being a highly targeted operation which is particularly relevant in combating inflammations directly without endangering gum tissues that are healthy. Comparatively speaking, LANAP procedure significantly reduces and stops attachment loss while decreasing pocket depth. LANAP eliminates the damage and pain caused by stitches that are often required at the end of traditional gum surgery, which is pivotal in expediting the recovery process.

 Unarguably, LANAP offers incredibly tremendous benefits that are superior to traditional gum surgery in a number of interesting ways that are aptly validated by being painless, and having a remarkably shorter recovery period after treatment. Call Smile Savers Dentistry in Columbia, MD at 410-730-6460 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Stewart today.

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By Todd Jordan 02 Jan, 2018

Emergency Dental Care Saves Teeth

When your mouth or teeth start hurting, it can be the only thing you can think about. Tooth pain and irritated gums can be debilitating. Worse, accidents can crack teeth and crowns, pop out fillings, or even knock out teeth. These kinds of incidents don’t just harm your appearance--they can change the way you speak, eat, or even go about your daily life. During critical moments, it is helpful to seek emergency dental care.


In Columbia, MD, and the surrounding area, there are many dental clinics. However, not all of them can adequately address sudden care situations. When you or a loved one needs to see a dentist quickly, be sure to have the number of a dependable emergency dental clinic available. Below are just a few reasons why having access to emergency care can be valuable when choosing your dentist.


The Benefits of Emergency Dental Care

A simple fact of life is that the unexpected can happen at any time. Loose taffy can destroy a filling, eating ice might crack a dental crown, or playing a little too hard during soccer practice might leave someone with a missing tooth. Even sudden, persistent discomfort from eating is enough to ruin someone’s day. To that end, it is helpful to join a practice which offers emergency dental treatments after hours. Advantages include:


Ease of Scheduling: Many dental clinics require that patients arrange an appointment weeks or even months in advance. Tooth pain does not adhere to a schedule, so it helps to work with a dentist who is available when you most need them.


After-Hours Availability: Accidents do not always happen during business hours. When you encounter teeth, gum, or tongue irritation at any time, choose an office that offers 24-hour dental care.


Time-Intensive Recovery: Knocked-out teeth can be placed back in their original sockets, but the procedure must be performed quickly. When time is a luxury, finding an emergency dental clinic can save your teeth.


What an Emergency Dentist Might Treat

No two dental emergencies are ever quite alike. So when something happens, it helps to know what you can do in the event of a dental emergency . Here are a few situations that may require a visit to an after-hours dental clinic:


  • Toothaches
  • Cut Tongue, Lip, or Cheek
  • Broken Tooth
  • Damaged Crowns or Implants
  • Knocked-out Tooth
  • Broken Jaw
  • Bleeding after Baby Tooth Falls Out
  • Cold or Canker Sores

By Todd Jordan 29 Nov, 2017

How to Repair a Chipped or Cracked Tooth

Columbia cosmetic dentistry allows you to smile with confidence. Often, people who have chipped or cracked teeth are self-conscious and avoid smiling or place one hand in front of their mouths when they smile. We believe life is too short not to smile as much as you can. There is a solution to this problem—consult with a dentist about improving your smile.

You need a consultation with a capable and experienced dentist who has a well-established practice. Such an individual can help you enhance your smile with the right cosmetic dental services . Take, for example, chipped tooth repair near Columbia. A chip or crack in one or more of your teeth mars a perfect smile. A skilled dentist can recommend a number of treatments to disguise that flaw, such as dental veneers or bonding.

A veneer hides that chip or crack with an ultrathin porcelain shell. This shell covers the top surface of a healthy tooth to camouflage that imperfection. It takes three visits to get your veneer. The first is a consultation where you talk with the dentist about your concerns. The dentist examines your mouth to make sure this is the best solution for your chipped tooth.

At the second visit, the dentist removes enamel and makes an impression of your tooth to send to a lab. At the third visit when your veneer is ready, your dentist checks the fit and color and then uses a dental cement, so the veneer adheres to your tooth. That veneer covers the chip for a flawless smile.

Lumineers are a brand of veneers that are thinner than regular veneers, as well as translucent. These are so thin that no enamel needs to be removed. Instead, the dentist does a little bit of etching to rough up the tooth’s surface to make it easier for the Lumineer to adhere.

Another dental procedure for chipped tooth repair near Columbia is bonding. In this treatment, the bonding material is applied to the surface of your tooth to fill in the flaw, whether chip or crack. What happens during this treatment is the dentist roughs up the surface of your tooth, puts on a conditioning liquid, and applies the resin. Then, the material is shaped to cover the imperfection with a special light to harden the bonding material. Your tooth is trimmed, shaped, and polished for a flawless appearance.

Take the time to check out the credentials of a dentist you choose for veneers or bonding. Look for a dentist who takes continuing education, belongs to professional associations, and has positive patient reviews. Dr. Daniel Stewart of Smile Savers Family Dentistry in Columbia, Maryland, meets all these criteria, so call him for a consultation about cosmetic dental services .

By Todd Jordan 26 Oct, 2017

A beautiful smile makes a powerful first impression. If you are one of the many people who are tired of having chipped, cracked, or discolored teeth, you are likely wondering what solutions are available to you. Scheduling a consultation with an experienced cosmetic dentist is the first step you should take. You’ll need a thorough oral exam to assess the overall state of the health of your mouth. Teeth whitening is the least invasive method. However, if you also suffer from misshapen or unevenly spaced teeth, you may be a good candidate for beautiful, long-lasting veneers. In Columbia, MD, residents have achieved stunning results with this popular procedure.


Essentially, veneers are thin shells that adhere to the surface of your teeth. To be eligible for this procedure, the teeth that receive veneers have to be in good health. Dental veneers are custom-made to improve your unique smile. Besides making over your smile with vivid whiteness, they can be shaped to correct a tooth’s shape and size imperfections. Gorgeous, durable veneers have had great results with many patients. With proper care, veneers can last for years before they need to be replaced.


What Kinds of Veneers Are Available?


Dental veneers are ceramic shells that are individually molded to fit each of your teeth. One of the most popular brands is Lumineers®. These are ultra-thin porcelain veneers that can often be placed without the use of injections or drilling and are especially durable. A more cost-effective variety is composite-resin veneers. Composite veneers also restore stained, cracked teeth; however, due to the material used, they do not typically last as long as porcelain veneers. Zirconia veneers are another porcelain variety. These veneers are especially suitable for more damaged teeth.


Whatever type of veneers your dentist offers, you get the same great restoration of dental chips, dental gaps, and worn enamel. You can learn more about veneers and the treatment process by speaking with one of the best dentists in Columbia . The cost of veneers is higher than less invasive treatments such as whitening but lasts much longer and provides a more dramatic smile makeover. Typically, your out-of-pocket cost will vary according to which material you choose, how many teeth require treatment, and whether or not your dental insurance covers cosmetic procedures. With such beautiful results, though, it’s no wonder that so many people are choosing veneers to enhance their smiles and boost their confidence.



By Smile Savers Dentistry 21 Jun, 2017
Your body depends on water to survive. Every single cell, tissue, and organ needs water to function properly. During the summer, we tend to reach for beverages more often to stay hydrated. Unfortunately, many don't reach for water and instead opt for sweeter, tastier ways to quench their thirst.

Just because something tastes good, doesn’t necessarily mean it is good for you. As a dental office , we tend to see the consequences in our patients’ mouths. When you drink sugary beverages, remember that you’re feeding the plaque that can cause problems in your mouth.

Here is a helpful list of drinks to avoid during the summer, (or at least enjoy in moderation) so you can keep those teeth healthy, white and bright!

1) Energy and Sports Drinks - These drinks are extremely high in sugar and acidity. This means they attack your tooth enamel.

2) Soda - The sugar and acid in carbonated drinks wreak havoc on your teeth. While an ok substitute now and then, keep in mind that while sparkling water is far less acidic than a soft drink, it’s more acidic than plain water.

3) Citrus/Fruit Juice - While juice can be good for your health, the acidity in the mix can permanently damage your tooth enamel.

4) Coffee and Black Tea - If you want white teeth, then you might want to cut back on that cup of coffee or tea. Green or herbal teas can offer a caffeine boost along with a ton of antioxidants without staining your teeth.

5) Alcohol - Depending on the drink, the alcohol may have sugars in it, or reduce saliva production in your mouth, affecting your dental health. The darker the wine, the more it will stain and while white wine will not stain, it is very acidic.

Along with plain old tap water, milk is also a better choice to quench your thirst. It's loaded with calcium and vitamin D, helping to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Of course there’s just one thing that will ultimately protect your teeth and gums — take care of them! Brush, floss, use mouthwash and don’t miss your regular dental checkups and cleanings here at Smile Savers Dentistry  in Columbia, MD.
By Smile Savers Dentistry 12 Jun, 2017
If you’ve been told that you have gum disease and that surgery will be required, first find out if you are a candidate for non-surgical LANAP protocol. Smile Savers Dentistry is one of the few dental practices in Columbia, Maryland that offers LANAP as an alternative to traditional gum surgery.

Cynicism has been a constant companion to the LANAP approach for non-surgical treatment of gum disease. Since the market introduction of the protocol back in 1999, it's been met with skepticism. To this day, even doctors training in the LANAP protocol find the successful results hard to believe. The typical initial reaction from doctors was “This just can’t be possible. I’ll keep track of my own results and I’ll see for myself.”
By Smile Savers Dentistry 19 May, 2017
Smile Savers Dentistry loves to stay active in the Howard County Community. This spring Smile Savers was one of the sponsors of Ellicott City's 2017 Mt. Hebron High School After-Prom.  The monetary donations of local businesses help the PTSA  each year to put on an amazing fun-filled After-Prom.

Other sponsors for this year’s After-Prom include:  The Bob Lucido Team, Antwerpen Toyota, Roma’s Pizza, Y2 Academy, Lorien Health Services, Greg’s Driving School, La Palapa Mexican Grill, Glory Day’s Grill, Lloyd Plumbing and Sport Clips.

The PTSA asks the  Mt. Hebron community to show their appreciation by patronizing the sponsoring businesses and telling them “Thank You for After-Prom.”

 You can:

-Buy a Pizza from  Roma’s Pizza on Route 40;
-Get a haircut from  Sports Clips at Turf Valley;
-If looking for a new dentist, consider either  Smile Savers  Dentistry;
-Choose  Greg’s Driving School for driver’s education;
-List with, buy from, or refer a friend to  The Bob Lucido Team Realtors;
-Shop at  Antwerpen Toyota for a new or used car;
-Prepare for the SATs by attending a  Y2 Academy prep class;
-Dine at  La Palapa’s or  Glory Days Grill;
-Get an insurance quote from  State Farm agent Keith Sigur.

Stop in or send an email thanking them for their support of the Mt. Hebron High School PTSA and After-Prom!
By Smile Savers Dentistry 03 May, 2017

If you are embarrassed by your smile because of crooked or gapped teeth and cringe at the thought of wearing traditional braces, look no further than Invisalign at Smile Savers Dentistry . We are happy to offer patients the preferred choice for achieving the smile they deserve.

At Smile Savers Dentistry , our goal is to provide the highest level of expert care possible, using the latest technology to help each our patients achieve their dental goals. This includes keeping up to date with my education with the services offered at Smile Savers Dentistry . Last fall, Dr. Daniel Stewart attended a special Invisalign group training seminar with Elite Premier Provider David Galler, DDS. Only 300 doctors in the U.S. have completed this special training… and that includes orthodontists. Dr. Stewart also recently sat in on several seminars while attending the Invisalign Experience in Costa Rica last year.

As a result, Dr. Stewart and his staff are confident that we can offer patients here at Smile Savers Dentistry a faster completion time with better results than ever before. It’s time to get the smile of your dreams and Invisalign can provide quick, convenient treatment just in time for weddings, graduations, or to simply remedy smile flaws that have always bothered you.

Right now is a great time to see if you are a candidate for Invisalign . You can save $500 off of your Invisalign treatment during our spring special if you sign up before June 17, 2017.

Call our office in Columbia, Maryland today at 410-730-6460 to schedule your Invisalign Consultation for just $99

By Smile Savers Dentistry 24 Apr, 2017

Dr. Minhkhoi Nguyen recently joined Dr. Daniel Stewart and his team at Smile Savers Dentistry in Columbia, MD. He is a Maryland native, hailing from Silver Spring. He earned both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Maryland, College Park. "Dr. Khoi" then went on to attend dental school at the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. 

While in Richmond, he balanced his focus on dental education with a strong passion for organized dentistry and dental missions. He participated in and helped organize over twelve missions to deliver care to the underserved throughout the state, and held multiple leadership positions in various student organizations at VCU. He now serves as a part-time faculty at the School of Dentistry during the fall and spring semesters. 

In his free time, Dr. Khoi enjoys cycling, reading and hosting cookouts with his family. 

Dr. Stewart said, "Dr. Khoi is an excellent clinician who has a great chair side manner.  His is kind and caring and fits right in with the rest of us at Smile Savers Dentistry!"

Please join us in making Dr. Khoi feel welcome in his new position as Associate Dentist at Smile Savers Dentistry !

By Smile Savers Dentistry 05 Apr, 2017

The Maryland Chapter of Drug-Free World visited the children and young adults of the Boys and Girls Club of Baltimore in March 2017. Dr. Daniel Stewart, Summer Andrade and Judy De Libera presented a documentary about the dangers of drugs, in particular, Marijauna, to the children and teens. The documentary was narrated by former drug addicts. 

After the movie, there was lively discussion about the types of things that can happen to a person if they start taking drugs and how quickly one can become addicted to drugs. After the discussion the students signed a pledge to live a drug-free life, to be a leader and encourage their friends and family members not to take drugs and to help educate others about the dangers of taking drugs. 

At the end of the event, each student received several Truth About Drugs booklets to read and to distribute to their friends and family members. Learn more at .

By Smile Savers Dentistry 30 Mar, 2017
April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, and while no one wants to spend time thinking about oral cancer, it's a great time to remind you to get screened. Nearly 50,000 people in the U.S. alone will be newly diagnosed with oral cancer this year. In the fight against life-threatening oral cancer, early detection is a crucial factor. Smile Savers Dentistry offers oral cancer screening in our Columbia, MD office with the VELscope® Vx as part of your routine dental hygiene cleaning and exam .
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